Our STEM workshops are busy being planned for our Year 4/5 students in the Ashdale Cluster on the 29/8/17. Classroom teachers in our Primary Schools will soon get their timetable and permission slips for students to return and have an amazing day at the College. The College will be open from 3:30-5:00pm for the wider school community to see the Exhibition space.

Mathematics Workshop (TBD)

Be prepared for the gateway subject into successful STEM learning. The workshop topic is still to be determined.

Green Screen Workshop

An introduction to scripting, lighting, using video cameras, microphones and live video streaming software in a chroma key workshop in our very on TV Studio.

Coding Workshop

A coding workshop to enhance your digital technology skills and start learning the language of computers!

Virtual Reality

Test out the latest virtual reality developments by students at ASC on a HTC Vive and Google Cardboard.

Lego Robotics

Get to know the latest in Lego Robotics with the EV3 Mindstorms and coding using the senors and motors. This workshop is brought to you from Scitech.


Build a catapult in a team and showcase your team-building and critical thinking skills.

Bridge Building

Design a bridge and build in a rapid prototyping workshop to find out which bridge can support the heaviest load.

Space Dome

A fast-paced science show, brought to you by Scitech.

Simple Machines

Learning basic engineering principles by designing and building simple machines in small groups.


An introduction to forensics. A debut workshop in 2017.

Mendel’s Garden

Our very own school garden has been launched in 2017. Get your gloves on and get excited about a hands-on workshop.

E-Textiles Workshop

An introduction to using circuits and learning about the different ways technology can be used with clothing and materials.